11 Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Should Follow ⛽

There has been a spurt in the price of petrol and diesel over the past few years. The price rise has significantly impacted car buying decisions. Under such conditions, the most important factor that the customer considers while buying a car is the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

However, when there is a significant rise in the price of fuel may not be the single factor in making your car efficient.

In addition to fuel efficiency, certain Fuel Saving Tips need to be followed to make your car fuel-efficient.

11 Fuel Saving Tips For every Driver ⛽

Here are pretty simple Fuel Saving Tips to ensure higher fuel efficiency. P.S: You need not to be an expert in fuel engineering?

1. Operate with Ease

Use the accelerator and brakes as low as possible. While using these controls use them consistently without being rough. You may feel the fun when using the accelerator and sudden brakes. This, in reality, affects the fuel efficiency of the car.

2. Don‘t Overload

If you load more things, the excess weight is likely to raise fuel consumption. If you think there is luggage/cargo not required, unload it. However, don’t remove the spare tire and other essential tools.

3. Don’t Keep the Car Idle

If you keep the car idle burns fuel more. That is when you need to wait, even for a few minutes, the mileage at that point is nil. You should follow this when you’re at traffic signal posts. Research shows that switching off the engine for 60 seconds leads to a significant amount of fuel saving.

In some cars, there is a system that finds the consumption of fuel in liter per hour to enable you to track fuel consumption. The solution is to shut down the engine.

4. Develop a Good Driving Habit

Test research shows that if all the drivers drive as the best five drivers do, fuel could be saved by more than 10%. If you don’t drive well and do it recklessly, you will end up spending 280 liters for 1000 km instead of 250 liters.

5. Service Your Car as per Advice

Ensure to put your car for servicing regularly as advised by the manufacturer. This is important because your car will have wear and tear because of the constant usage. You can significantly slow down the wear and tear by sending the vehicle for tuning the engine, clean the filters, and check the status of engine oil, and the like.

6. Be, at the Right Distance from Other Cars

The distance between your car and others guides you about the time and distance to get into action in the event of some obstacle comes on your way. Under such situation, you apply brakes even if you shouldn’t. Applying brakes repeatedly lead to excess fuel consumption.

7. Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure

It’s important to maintain the correct tire pressure as prescribed by the vehicle handbook. Develop the habit to see how much you fill the fuel. Maintaining optimal tire pressure leads to good tune-up of the engine. It will help save fuel, boost tire life and avoid accidents.

8. Don’t Exceed the Speed Limit

Driving at optimal speed is one of the most essential for fuel efficiency among all these fuel saving tips. Ensure you don’t exceed the optimal speed which is economical good for your car. This might end up ensure greater fuel efficiency in the long run.

9. Avoid Driving During Rush Hours

Driving at rush hours is not advisable. The situation might be high traffic area or the time when traffic is too heavy. Even then, if it’s necessary to go out, it’s important to choose another optimal route’s to reach the destination which benefits fuel efficiency.

10. Use Your Car as Minimum as Possible

As long as petroleum products such as petrol or diesel are the prime fuel, it’s important to spend it sensibly and responsibly. If it really doesn’t necessitate to drive, avoid taking the car. Further, if you’re planning to go for a movie, fair, or a market, ensure you park your nearby so you don’t have to drive to look for the parking area.

11. Turn off the AC

Cut down usage of the air conditioner when driving is one of the mainstream fuel saving tips in the list. When operating the air conditioner while driving the car, it leads to additional fuel consumption. Therefore, avoid using your car air conditioner unless it’s necessary.

Consider Buying a Fuel Saving Device

These Fuel Saving Tips help you understand the importance of fuel efficiency. However, in your day-to-day life, following all the tips discussed here could really be a challenge. What’s about going for

That’s why you should consider buying a Fuel Saving Device with Smart Features such as Fuel Monitoring, Fuel Theft Protection, and Smart Fuel Profiling. There are very few devices with the above discussed smart features.

So here at Cyrrup we developed Diesel Eye – Smart Fuel Cap keeping in mind all the above-discussed Fuel Saving Tips. Diesel Eye Alerts you whenever there’s an anomaly in Fuel Usage

The driver can monitor all this from his dashboard which communicates with the Fuel Cap providing GPS tracking of your vehicle and also suggest you the shortest distance possible to reach the destination which can be of huge in terms of saving fuel usage.

Driving during rush hours can be minimized because of the optimal route & Traffic info suggested by the device right from the dashboard

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