How Alcohol Sensors in Cars Help Ignition Interlocking?

Vehicle accidents are a common happening in India – Every 6 minutes there is a death in a road accident. It is, therefore, important to preclude such accident.
Research by Alcohol & Drug Information Center (AIDC) shows that close to 40% of the road accidents in India are because of the influence of alcohol – DUI.

Drunk driving exasperates the risk of a fatal accident leading to loss of lives and vehicle. The risk is quite high when the Blood and Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is more than 30mg/dl. Ever wondered if there was a safety feature that you could get installed in your car, which would help you prevent potential accidents?

How come if a system that could assist you in a wink of an eye save your life and your loved ones’ as well as your vehicle? Here’s an assuring yes.

Today, a device that could help prevent potential accidents is available by detecting Alcohol level of the Driver. After reading this article, You might consider installing this Alcohol Sensors in Cars

How do Alcohol Sensors in Cars work?

The device used to detect Alcohol Level is known as Breathalyzer. The device we’re going to discuss in this article sits on the dashboard and functions like an In-Car Breathalyzer. It constitutes an interlocking ignition System and denies drunk drivers the ability to start the vehicle engine.

How does this Breathalyzer work?

The system has BAC that is predetermined by the statutory authorities in your locale. When the Alcohol Sensors in cars recognizes alcohol beyond the permissible limit, the interlock device locks your vehicle for a period as fixed by the authorities.

What are the benefits of Alcohol Sensors having installed in your car?

The benefits are many. Apart from saving life and preventing damage to your vehicle, you’re likely to benefit financially. Your car insurer is likely to offer a discount on your insurance. It could be a psychological dampener for potential drinkers.

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Why is this Breathalyzer crucial to you?

If you’re driving your vehicle, in the unfortunate incident when you come Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol, you need to undergo the challenging trails – repeated visits to the authorities in the name of ‘educating yourself’ and the resultant stress spanning over weeks. As per the law, if you’re found having a BAC at 0.03% or greater, you get implicated in drunk driving.

And, drunk driving is a criminal offense as you’ve infringed the law. You may be fined or manage to scurry. If your luck doesn’t favor, you’re likely to be jailed for six months. And, even more probably a year if you’re found to have a BAC much more than 0.03%. The significance of discussing all this is when you’re charged with drunk driving, your name goes to the authorities’ records and attentive consequences follow – ruin in family and social relationships, loss of focus and whatnot.

Why should you opt for Cyrrup’s Vehicle Black Box?

Cyrrup’s Vehicle Black Box is a reliable and significant Vehicle Tracking System available in India today. Installed on the dashboard of your car, it monitors the performance and driver’s behavior while driving and takes care of preventing a potential hazard to people boarding the vehicle.
Cyrrup comes in to help in issues about rash driving, in the event of an accident and ensuring safety and security to your beloved ones and your vehicle.
Vehicle Black Box is built bearing in mind the safety while it operates in your car and helps you reach the destination securely. For this, exclusive features have been added to the system.

These include a Breathalyzer, the device that detects alcohol level in the user (driver). And if your driver happens to have consumed alcohol more than the safe limit, the ignition locking in your car becomes disconnected. So the driver won’t move ahead.

Apart from Alcohol Detection What else can Vehicle Black Box do?

In Addition to having Alcohol Sensors in cars, let’s check what all can this Vehicle Tracking System do:

Monitors driving behavior

The unique features of the system, Monitors driver’s behavior concerning speed and usage of the accelerator. It also details what happened at sharp turns (for example the road alongside a hill)

You get instant alerts of driver’s delinquent behavior such as ignoring traffic signals, etc.  The Vehicle Tracking System shows the Signals and Signboards that your vehicle moved past and alerts you in the case of violation.

Secure parking & Footage Recording

When you’re on an outing, park the vehicle at an identified place and rest assured because this Vehicle Tracking System precludes vehicle thieves from stealing your car. Back from the trip, the device helps you locate your car in the parking lot.

The Vehicle Black Box comes with a couple of cameras – the primary camera and the secondary. The first camera records video of the road your vehicle moves on. The video is immensely helpful in refuting unjustified demands for damage compensation or insurance claims. And, the secondary camera records the inside of the vehicle, thus helps you monitor driving behavior as well as passenger’s safety.

Helps in emergency

Vehicle Black Box could find a great amount of application for the driving community as well as the vehicle owners in preventing mishaps and accidents resulting from drunk driving,  any other perverted driver behavior or any other cause. Further, in the case of any exigency – vehicle breakdown, natural disaster, the system might go a long way by helping rescue of the affected people. Under such unforeseen situation, the system pings your location to family or friends as well as Cyrrup’s help station to ensure timely help. As the system is synchronized with Cyrrup’s Call Center, it enables getting assist in an emergency.

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