8 Ways where Car GPS Tracker can make our Lives Easier

Have you ever traveled by cabs like Ola or Uber? Are you still calling your cab drivers and giving them detailed directions, explaining your existence on the planet earth directing them to the black hole locations on maps? Well, if so you are still living under rocks! With latest gadgets and advancements in technologies like Car GPS Tracker, we can keep our human intervention as minimum as possible.

The other day, I booked a cab on Ola share to reach my office, and I didn’t call the driver, expecting him to call me in case he can’t find my pickup location pinpointed on Google Maps.

To my surprise, the driver didn’t call me, and I kept looking at the cab pointer on the maps which is moving in my direction. Once the driver reached my pickup point, Ola app sent me a notification saying that the cab has arrived.

They even started a timer of around 4 minutes within which you have to board the cab, else the trip gets automatically canceled. This way was quite simple, convenient and makes lives so much easier as I no longer have to share my number with the driver which makes me feel safer.

Also, we both (I and driver) saved money on calling each other. All this is possible because of the accuracy of Google Maps and GPS in Mobile Phones.

Not just for cabs, also when you are ordering an Item be it on e-commerce sites, food deliveries, couriers, you can always track where the parcel is and how long it will take to reach you.

8 Benefits of having a GPS Device for Car

Helps to Track the Vehicle

Just imagine when you own a car or any vehicle and want to see where is it currently, in what direction it is moving how easy and safe it would be to view and manage your car at your fingertips! You can now monitor where your driver or children are going. This helps to identify the history of trips as well.

Helps to Identify Vehicle Theft

Car GPS Tracker India

In the case of theft, Car GPS Tracker becomes your life savior by detecting the location of the car/vehicle, so that you can go and find out the whereabouts and also claim your vehicle legally.

Helps Track Vehicle’s Health

Most Car GPS Tracking Devices come up with OBD part inbuilt. This OBD part helps us to understand the vehicle and its engine health. Using this OBD part, we can identify if your vehicle requires a visit to servicing centers or if the engine is having any issues. By using these suggestions, you can save time, money, and prevent any accidents or breakdowns by keeping your vehicle in its best health.

Always remember: “A stitch in time saves nine” and “Ounce of prevention is better than a pound of care”

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Partner with you on your Adventures

Going on a new trip? Not sure of where to head? GPS is your angel to save you from being lost on roads. Many times, people prefer to use Car GPS Trackers to reach their location instead of asking random people on roads for directions and decoding their language in our mind.

Helps Save Money

As you have the GPS Device For car installed, the chances of you getting lost or taking a long route or wrong routes are significantly low. whereby saving your fuel, thus saving your hard earned money. Not just that, these days GPS enabled systems gets offers from insurance parties. In the case of fuel theft, Car GPS Tracker notifies the owner. Thus owners have a full control on their vehicle whereabouts. This enforces the driver’s behavior and makes everything systematic and recorded, thereby putting all fraud fuel consumptions at bay.

Regulates the Driver’s Behavior

Car GPS Tracker helps you keep an eye on your driver’s driving behavior. It checks on your vehicle’s past trips taken so that you can validate the trips allowed and trips wasted or misused by driver’s. Furthermore, it helps to calculate the fuel thefts or misspend thereby enabling them to be on their best possible behavior.

Increases the Efficiency

As we can continuously track the vehicle and its movement, we keep a check on driver’s breaks, long routes, busy roads, exposing unauthorized stops and by judge the overtime requests of drivers. Not just that! Few latest GPS tracking systems come up with notifications on your fuel level. Therefore helping you to know if you have enough fuel in your tank at the tip of your fingers, using the mobile app. 

Provides Safety to your People

GPS Device For Car

GPS enabled systems helps you to find the current location of your vehicle, thereby providing information about the people inside the cars. If your family or friends traveling inside the vehicle and they are stuck at some place due to vehicle problems, Emergency Situations like medical conditions. You always track your car and your people as well. These are some of the best features of Car GPS Trackers, as it helps you to locate your people who met with situations like road accidents, had a heart attack or other medical conditions or to find your people in trouble.

How Cyrrup’s Car GPS Tracker – Vehicle Black Box helps?

Vehicle Black Box from Cyrrup provides an All-In-One Solution for monitoring driver’s behavior and car’s health. It comes equipped with all the features mentioned above. Vehicle Black Box sits on the dashboard and monitors the Performance of the Vehicle and the Driver’s behavior

In addition to all these Features, Vehicle Black Comes equipped with Breath Analyzer for detecting Alcohol Level of the driver. If the driver has consumed alcohol beyond a permissible limit the Vehicle’s Ignition gets disconnected thereby not allowing the driver to drive.

There are very Few Car GPS Tracker Manufacturers in India that are providing such sophisticated features. If you simply want all these features out of the box, Vehicle Black Box can do that for you.

Reader FAQ’s

What is the best tracking device for a car?

The best tracking device for a car is a Car Black Box which provides not just real time tracking but also accident prevention and many more safety features like a Black Box Device.

How can I find a GPS tracker on my car?

Almost all cars don’t come equip with a GPS Tracker. You can order our Car Black Box for real time GPS Tracking of your car along with lots of safety features

How much is a GPS tracker for car?

Our Car GPS Tracker’s are built for various price points, I would suggest to go through the Products Section to find the best for pre ordering.

Is there a way to track a stolen car?

Yes, there is. Our product Vehicle Black Box helps in theft protection and the real time tracking can help the owner track the stolen car immediately using the Mobile App.

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  • Nic @ Cellutrak

    What’s good about gps tracker today is that it features a real-time system that can monitor your vehicle, while alerting you of any suspicious activity

  • Mac

    Nice Post!!

    A GPS vehicle tracking unit can be easily concealed inside your car. Current models are small enough to GPS Vehicle Tracking & Thievesbeplaced discreetly, unlike older units which were bulky and easily detected. If someone steals your car, you simply log on to your computer and you can see immediately where the car is, which direction its traveling, and how fast it’s going. This information allows the police to find and identify the car quickly, even if the thief has already removed identifying characteristics such as the license plate and VIN number.

    GPS vehicle tracking has proved to be so successful in stopping car theft that many departments have begun using “bait cars” to attract would-be thieves in an effort to stop car theft rings.

  • Md Shahabuddin

    Many modern vehicle tracking devices combine both active and passive tracking abilities: when a cellular network is available and a tracking device is connected it transmits data to a server; when a network is not available the device stores data in internal memory and will transmit stored data to the server later when the network becomes available again.

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