Chaukanna Singh

Chaukanna Singh helps in detecting if the driver is drowsy or about to fall asleep. Camera in the device uses our algorithm on machine learning and Artificial intelligence to detect the status of the driver and if detected as drowsy, loud alarm or hooter goes on so that the driver can be alerted.

  • Drowsiness Detection and Alarm
  • In-Cabin Voice Recording
  • Video Streaming
  • Remote Voice Monitoring (Listen-In)
  • Front Camera Video Recording
  • On-Board Storage
  • Emergency Call Button
  • High Alcohol Alert (Complimentary)

Chaukanna Singh is our Premium Safety Lineup product with inbuilt drowsiness detection and prevents the driver from falling asleep.

The device also notifies the fleet owners about the driver’s drowsiness behavior in the reports. 

This solution prevents accidents from happening due to tiredness or sleeplessness of the drivers.

Thereby saving lives and losses of assets on road. Chaukanna Singh comes in an IP67 Enclosure and is Water and Dust Resistant

Along with all the basic features like GPS Tracking and Real-Time On Demand Tracking the device comes with a complimentary feature to Driver Alcohol Consumption Level.

Fleet owners can opt for this feature while picking the device if they want High Alcohol Alert reports generated with the breathalyzer built-in.

Quick Question!

Do you think your driver may be Rash Driving?

Do you think, your driver is stopping the vehicle, without informing you?

In a Week, How much fuel is being stolen?

Core Features of Chaukanna Singh

Web Dashboard

Apart from vehicle tracking, you can get the Driver Drowsiness Reports in the Web Dashboard.

Android App Tracking

Track & check the reports on the go through the mobile app integrated with the device

Drowsiness Detection and Alarm

Helps in detecting if the driver of the vehicle is drowsy and alerts him through the alarm and helps him stay awake.

Engine immobilization

Ignition Interlocking is possible via SMS or from the Mobile Number to prevent vehicle thefts or driving situations when the driver is high on Alcohol Consumption Level.

High Alcohol Alert (Complimentary)

You can opt for a complimentary Breathalyzer that comes inbuilt with the device to track alcohol level of the driver and alert the fleet owner if the level is higher than the permissible level.

Vehicle Idling Status

Get reports on Vehicle Idling Times and prevent Idling when unnecessary to save fuel

Front Camera Video Recording

On Road happenings recording can be done using the Front Camera Video Recording.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming lets you see the footages captured live using the front camera on the device through Web Dashboard or through the mobile app.

High Quality Recording

All the footages recorded through the device will be of High Quality ranging from HD to 4K resolutions.

Remote Voice Monitoring

On-demand voice monitoring solution lets you monitor audio in the vehicle remotely.

In-Cabin Voice Recording

Not only monitor the voice conversations you can also record all voice conversations and can be used as proof to investigate misbehaviors or mishappenings.

SOS Alarm & Emergency Call

Driver or passengers can make use of SOS Alarm & Emergency Call Button to send SMS or call to preset numbers for tracking the location and other details during emergencies.


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