Diesel Eye – Best Diesel Theft Detection Device in India

Diesel theft detection deviceThe logistics industry in India is highly dependent on road-based logistics fleets, which handle more than 80% of all freight traffic in the country. Heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) are the lifeline of the logistics industry and play an important role in transporting goods across the country. However, fleet owners in the industry face several challenges that hinder their operations.

Our market research team at Cyrrup Solutions Pvt. Ltd. contacted more than 500 truck owners across India for a survey that was conducted to understand the biggest challenge that they face while operating. According to the data, fuel theft is one of the major problems fleet owners in India deal with from day to day. Additionally, they noted that the market-available fuel anti-theft devices/diesel sensors are imported and do not offer proper post-purchase support. 

To combat the issue of fuel theft or diesel theft in India, our team at Cyrrup Solutions has designed and engineered a fully indigenous fuel theft detection solution for fleets. In this article, we will introduce Diesel Eye and walk you through its features and benefits. If you are a fleet owner or your job role requires monitoring and managing fleets, this article is for you.

What is Diesel Eye?

Diesel Eye is our indigenous and customizable IoT solution to curb diesel theft in the Indian logistics industry. It offers the benefits of cost reduction and fleet efficiency by monitoring diesel theft. 

The device operates on ultrasonic technology to determine the fuel level in the fuel-tanks. Using EDGE Analytics, Diesel Eye identifies fuel theft instances in real-time, thereby ensuring that fleet owners are notified about thefts in real-time. Diesel Eye is India’s first 100% indigenously designed, developed, and produced solution for diesel theft detection.

Some of the key features of Diesel Eye include:

  • Real-time Fuel Level Indications
  • Fuel Inlet/Outlet and Theft Report via App
  • Time stamping of events
  • Live GPS Tracking  
  • Over-Speeding Alerts
  • Battery backup
  • Advanced A-GPS and GNSS
  • Android App
  • Web Dashboard

How does Diesel Eye work?

The device makes use of ultrasonic sensors to measure the fuel levels in the vehicle’s fuel tanks. – Backed by Machine-Learning algorithm, it monitors and records fuel inlet/outlet and theft data, along with GPS location and time stamp. With the power of EDGE computing, Diesel Eye identifies fuel theft instances in real-time and fleet owners are instantly notified about these thefts. 

The owners also receive a daily report from the device, which is a 1-minute snapshot of the data collected and recorded each day. This daily reporting removes the hassles of day-to-day alerts and provides the action items to the fleet owners at a glance.

Daily report

How is the device installed?

The installation process of Cyrrup’s Diesel Eye is very simple and hassle-free. The device is fitted on the outer wall of the fuel tank using a non-invasive technology that does not require drilling the fuel tank. The entire process of device installation is completed within an hour. Once the device is installed, fleet owners  start receiving daily reports covering all the required data via our Android app and web dashboard.

Diesel Eye: The Fuel Theft Detection Device You Can Trust

All in all, ‘Diesel Eye’ is our indigenous and customizable IoT solution to curb diesel theft in the Indian logistics industry. Once diesel theft is curbed, this will automatically result in lower operational expenses for the fleet owners.  Let’s talk about the key factors that make Diesel Eye the most efficient and reliable choice for you.

  • Use of Non-Invasive Technology
    Diesel Eye uses ultrasonic sensors to determine the fuel level in the fuel tanks. The device is installed on the outer wall of the vehicle fuel tank which does not require drilling or tampering with the fuel tank, thus ensuring that the vehicle warranty remains intact.
  • 100% Made in India
    The device is fully engineered indigenously by our team of engineers and developers at Cyrrup Solutions, to counter the pain points of heavy commercial vehicle owners in the Indian Logistics Industry. 
  • Highly Customizable
    Being an indigenously engineered solution, this directly translates to more reliability and scope for customization. We offer customizable solutions to suit  your requirements.
  • Guaranteed Post sales service 
    Diesel Eye comes with a one-year warranty; under which  any manufacturing defect in the device will be taken care of by Cyrrup. In addition to this, even beyond the warranty period, we ensure that guaranteed  service is provided  to all our existing customers.

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Taking everything into account

Diesel Eye is a reliable and efficient fuel theft detection device that can help fleet owners save money by reducing  their operational expenses. It offers a number of features that make it the best diesel theft detection device on the market. If you are a fleet owner or your job role requires monitoring and managing fleets, then Diesel Eye is the perfect solution for you. To learn more about Diesel Eye, please request a demo or contact us at [email protected] today.

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