Diesel Eye

Diesel Eye is a Diesel Theft Detection Device and helps vehicle owners control diesel theft.


  • Real-time Fuel Level Indications
  • Fuel Inlet/Outlet and Theft Report via App
  • Time stamping of events
  • And all features of Vanilla GPS

Diesel Eye

Reports suggest that on an average, around 31% of trucking operational costs are accounted towards fuel cost. Fuel theft is a major contributor towards this cost, wherein, around 8% of total diesel filled in trucks is stolen during transit. As per statistics, 2 million tons of diesel was stolen in 2017.

Diesel Eye works towards minimizing this cost, by detecting fuel theft.

It is implemented using an IoT based sensor and fitted under the vehicle dashboard, with a non-drilling technology in the fuel tank. Backed by our Machine-Learning Algorithm, it monitors and records fuel inlet/outlet and theft data, along with GPS Location and Time Stamp. Daily reports covering all this data are presented to the Vehicle Owners via our Android App and Web Dashboard.

Daily Reporting removes the hassles of day-to-day alerts; and for an owner of a fleet of 500 vehicles, this eases his job such that in a 1-minute snapshot, he knows the action he is required to take. This also helps him in figuring out the mileage of the vehicles, so that he is aware which vehicles need Servicing.

We are coming up with Version 2 of Diesel Eye that will also be able to monitor tankers that carry diesel. (Under R&D)


In a week, roughly how much fuel do you think is stolen by the driver, per vehicle?

Core Features of Diesel Eye

GPS Tracking

Always track your Vehicle/Fleet using the in- built GPS of the device, right from the Web Dashboard or through the Mobile App. Check out our GPS Tracking Solution – Vanilla GPS for more info.

Real-time Fuel Level Indications

Check Real-time Fuel Level Indications via our App.

Fuel Inlet/Outlet Report

Get Daily Reports covering Fuel Inlet/Outlet Data for the day, via our Android App.

Fuel Theft Report

Daily Reports covering Fuel Theft Data for the day, are sent to Vehicle Owners via our Android App. The Fuel Theft Instances are recorded with GPS Location and Time Stamp.

Battery Backup

Long lasting battery backup that runs for days, while ignition is off.

Time stamping of events

Check timestamps of all the events.