How Driver Drowsiness Detection System Works? ?

During long journeys, it’s possible that the driver may lose attention because of drowsiness, which may be a potential reason for fatal accidents. With technologies like Driver Drowsiness Detection getting it is possible to detect driver’s driving behavior that may prove fatal to the vehicle as well as the people boarding it.

Having such sleep detection system in cars embedded in vehicles could protect precious lives and property worth billion dollars. The outcome would be positive – it would be suitable for fleet owners as well as individual vehicle users. In either case, the objective is identical by sleep detection while driving.

In this article, we’ll discuss How Driver Drowsiness Detection works in Vehicles.

Driving a vehicle involves coordination of the locomotor system along with the healthy function of the brain. When the driver feels drowsy, it may unsettle the balance and may lead to erratic driving causing potential accidents.

While driving, you may feel drowsy when you’re under driving fatigue because of continuous driving for several hours. It’s here that the driver drowsiness detection plays a significant role in preventing accidents that could otherwise cause massive loss of life and property.

How does Driver Drowsiness Detection System work?

The driver drowsiness detection system uses Image Processing to analyze the driver’s eye blink pattern by sitting on the vehicle’s dashboard

If the eye lid movements are abnormal than usual then the detection system triggers the alarm thus alerting the driver about the condition.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration around 72K crashes, 44K injuries & 800+ deaths are reportedly caused due to Drowsiness in the year 2013.

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Importance of sleep detection – Who needs to get it?

Life is precious and no number of words suffice to evaluate it. It’s, therefore, imperative to protect it from fatal consequences while driving a vehicle. And, if you’re an owner of a fleet/s of vehicles.

Further, your vehicles comprise heavy capital assets, which you need to protect from potential losses because of fatal accidents.

There are diverse products that protect and ensure the safety of vehicles but most of them don’t come with a built-in drowsiness detection sensor.

If you’re looking for the feature such as sleep detection in vehicles and happen to be a Fleet owner. Then you’ve to deal with multiple devices & multiple apps associated with them.

Practically this is not an ideal option for both fleet owners and even for individual car owners to deal with multiple devices.

Choosing a Vehicle Tracker with Drowsy Driver Alert

Chaukanna Singh is designed keeping this key point in mind. We integrated both Driver Drowsiness Detection onto our industry class vehicle tracking system.

Cyrrup’s Chaukanna Singh sits on the dashboard and monitors eye blink patterns of the driver using the built-in camera. Apart from driver fatigue detection system, it can help you in tracking your vehicle/fleet, Monitoring Driver’s behavior, fuel efficiency monitoring and much more.

We provide round the clock post sales service. To learn more about Cyrrup’s products click here.

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