How an Event Data Recorder – EDR Helps Investigate Accidents

An Event Data Recorder commonly called black box was once used in airplanes alone. Today, it’s being used on vehicles such cars and trucks as well.

And, when it comes to your four-wheeler like a car, it is one of the precious possessions everyone would like to secure when they are on board or when the vehicle is carrying people or cargo.

The most potential danger that is caused is by vehicle crash on the road. With the advance of tech, it’s been possible to protect and save lives and property from fatal accidents using an Event Data Recorder (EDR).

In the case of a plane crash, the black box stores all the data during and before the accident. The stored data can be retrieved and deciphered. This helps to ascertain the cause of the crash. Similar is the car black box or technically known as Event Data Recorders (EDR).

Today, a few high-end cars come with devices that can record the ongoing events in the case of an accident. EDRs are tiny devices in a compact structure and record the data from your vehicle’s different parts, which could be used for investigation of an accident as well as other uses.

What a car Event Data Recorder Records?

In case of a car accident, the collision can give a clue to the cause of the accident along with the people or/and things that were cause/s of the accident. The device records the data for just a few seconds, but it’s valuable. It may decide the win or loss of the case.

The Event Data Recorder records different data according to the type. The data include the speed braking, turning at curves, acceleration, deceleration close to five seconds before the collision.

The data from the EDR has served as an effective piece of evidence that can be produced at courts of law. This is important in a situation where there’s no witness or proof to submit to the court of law.

Reports from abroad show that Event Data Recorder – EDR has led to the conviction of people who were really responsible for the collision. When the conventional way of building is not feasible or not complete in itself, the Event Data Recorder becomes crucial to create evidence accurately.

How is the data stored and retrieved from an EDR?

While presenting witness to courts of law, the accuracy of the data affects the outcome of the case significantly – it could support or nullify it. Therefore, it’s important to know how an Event Data Recorder – EDR data is stored and retrieved so as to create a report.

Storing the data

The EDR gets active electronically when it spots issues in the engine or sudden change in speed of the wheel. Anyone or several reasons may happen in the event of a car collision.

During the few seconds preceding the accident, the camera-integrated to the device and the GPS record the data with respect to various aspects that are crucial to accident investigation.

Retrieving the data

The data collected and stored can be retrieved connecting the device with the On-board diagnostic (OBD) port of the vehicle. The OBD is the unit that recognizes a problem and reports to the owner or repairing person. Retrieving the data can also be made getting the EDR removed from the wreckage if it’s a bad accident.

Disadvantages of a traditional Car Event Data Recorder

In a traditional EDR, it’s hard to retrieve the data stored. Further, few details can be retrieved. Traditional EDR is not equipped with a GPS device. This will not enable them to track the vehicle.

Whereas, Modern EDRs come with special features such as the ability to get integrated with a smartphone. This enables the device to store data or transfers the same to the mobile as well. This reduces the threat to data-ownership or any lack of clarity on it.

Best Solution with the best protection

Cyrrup’s Camera Fleet solutions come with features that make the data accurate as well as smartphone compatible. As for data security, as soon as the EDR records the data, they get stored in the cloud.

This makes sure, that even the data are lost incidentally or because of any technical issue, it can be retrieved. Further, unlike the traditional EDR, Cyrrup’s Camera Fleet Solutions can store much more data and helps resolve the case easily and fast

One of the unique benefits is video footage recording capability. The Event Data Recorder in the vehicle creates video footage inside as well as outside the vehicle. The whole video footage is synced with Cyrrup’s server with 24×7 customer support.

Reader FAQ’s

Where is the Event Data Recorder located?

Event Data Recorder is located around the vehicle dashboard near the Driver’s seat which is the optimal position for recording events during accidents.

Do all cars have event data recorders?

No, All cars don’t come installed with an Event Data Recorder straight from the Manufacturer. But you can equip our sophisticated EDR based Camera Fleet solution

Do all cars have a black box?

No, all cars don’t have or come equipped with a black box. You can order one from Cyrrup and get it equipped for individual vehicles or for fleet trucks

What data does a car black box record?

Car Black Box records different types of data like speed braking, turning at curves, acceleration etc., learn more here: What a car Event Data Recorder Records?

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