Cyrrup is a technology company newly emerging in newly emerging field of IoT- telematics connected cars tracking devices.

Cyrrup strongly felt the need for dedicated devices to handle ultra-emergency situations for different businesses. In an accident only tracking the devices does not solve the emergency situation that vehicle drivers or owner’s faces. Cyrrup aims in solving most of the problem that a driver or vehicle owner faces, like accidents due to drunk driving, rash driving and to come to rescue in case of road accidents or medical emergencies and to prevent road accidents and theft of the vehicle. It has unique features in each of its products which detect driver’s behavior and vehicle health. Analytical reports and the video footages that comes handy in case of accidents, false accusers, insurance claims etc.

Vehicle Black Box helps us to locate & track live movement of the car, with video footage of road taken and drivers state during the journey. 

Yes, Vehicle Black Box is totally customizable. You can pick and drop the features you need as per your requirement and pay only for the selected features.

TrakCop is an app for live tracking of your transportation. It notifies people waiting for daily transportation services like cabs or buses with timely alerts or notifications about the vehicle location, time to reach and live movement tracking on maps.

It can also be used by students or employees waiting for their daily transportation. Instead of calling our friends/drivers, we can track the vehicle using smartphones.

Owners can know where their vehicles are located, where they are going, how are the drivers driving them, the status of vehicle health. It helps for tracking of delivery bikes to trucks. It also helps owners to know what path/ route the drivers are taking and at what speed they are driving the vehicle. It also notifies the owner in case of fuel theft and it gives a complete power to the owner to keep an eye on the vehicle health and also the driver’s behavior. Using the Smart Fleet Management dashboard the fleet owner can locate and track any vehicle at any time using the mobile and web app. Daily, weekly and monthly data analytic report will be sent to the owner which shows the performance of the driver and vehicle. These data analytic reports and video footages come handy in case of accidents, insurance claims, false accusers etc.

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