Live GPS Tracking

Always keep track of your vehicle from anywhere, at any time using the Live Tracking Feature on our App.

Diesel Theft Detection

Helps control diesel theft. Provides fuel inlet/outlet, and theft reports via app.

Driving Behavior Monitoring

Monitors driving behavior and sends notifications for Over Speed, Sharp Turns, Hard Brakes, Sharp Acceleration, etc.

Smart Fleet Management

Helps in Driver Management, Vehicle Documents Management, etc. Also helps in Trip Data Management, thereby increasing vehicle efficiency by optimisations based on trip data.

Panic Button

An SOS alarm, panic button sends your location to your family/friends in case of vehicle breakdown or any emergency.

Geo Fencing

Sets geographical boundaries within which the driver can run the vehicle. Notification is sent to app in case any of the boundaries is crossed.

Engine Immobilizer
(Upcoming Feature)

Engine Cut-Off with one-touch on the app. Useful for cases of vehicle theft, or unauthorised use.

Drowsiness Detection System
(Upcoming Feature)

Our advanced features like Driver Drowsiness Detection System can be integrated with our other Fleet Management Solutions to prevent drivers from falling asleep while they’re on the move.

Single & Dual Cameras
(Upcoming Feature)

One Camera records the video footage of the road on which in the vehicle is travelling. This footage can come handy in case of accidents, illegal blames or insurance claims etc. Second Camera can be used to record video footage inside the vehicle, to monitor the driver’s behavior, such as not wearing seat belt, speaking over mobile while driving, drowsiness, etc.