Live vehicle locator

Helps you to locate/find your vehicle parked in parking lot and public places.

Primary Camera

Helps you to record the video footages of the road/ path on which in the vehicle is traveling. This footage comes handy in case of accidents, illegal blames or insurance claims etc.

Secondary Camera

Helps you to record video footages inside the vehicle, to monitor the driver’s behavior and the Passengers safety.

Live Speed

Helps to track the speed levels of the vehicle at any time. If the driver is at over speed, an automatic notification will be sent to the owner’s app.


Always keep track of your vehicle from anywhere, at any time using our App.

Smart Fuel Cap

Integrate Smart Fleet with Smart Fuel Cap to get Anti Fuel Theft Protection for your Vehicles

Push to call HandsFree
calling (upcoming feature)

This feature helps you to directly speak to Cyrrup’s Call Center or Family/Friends in the case of accidents or emergency support. Using the Bluetooth option in the device, you can connect your smartphone and answer your calls easily and safely while driving the vehicle.

Drowsiness Detection System

Choose advanced features like Driver Drowsiness Detection System to be integrated with our Fleet Solution to prevent drivers from falling asleep while they’re on the move.


In the case of frightening situations or vehicle breakdowns or emergencies, panic button will send your location to your families/friends and Cyrrup’s call center to help you from the fright.