Converting My Fleet Service to a Smart Fleet

If you own a fleet service, or if you’re going to start one, it’s important to know what fleet management is and the various features that benefit you. This article explains how I converted My Fleet service to a smart fleet.

A fleet is a collection of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and other sorts of vehicles owned by individuals or collectively. It also includes cargo fleets, fleets for logistics and other fleets used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Why do you need fleet management?

As a fleet owner, it’s important to manage your fleet to track various aspects such as safety of the passengers when operating a vehicle on the road, driver behavior, location of your vehicle, making an emergency call, and the like. In general, these circumstances confront My Fleet everyday operations. And, keeping track of this all is not easy though not impossible.

When it comes to fleet management, it entails overseeing the aspects such as tracking vehicle movement, speed monitoring, fuel management, the safety of the passengers in the vehicle.

As for the safety of the vehicle and passengers, you need to track the position of the passengers, people boarding the vehicle, those alighting at different places as well as their commuting behavior.

Fleet management plays a significant role in making the business efficient by mitigating the risk involved in investing vehicles, improving the overall productivity by reducing the costs of transport and staffing as well as making the fleet business run within the parameters prescribed by the authorities.

Today, there are several services for managing a Fleet. These services help make your vehicles smart & manageable. You could do it having a separate team of people within your business. Or, you could go for a smart solution like a fleet management which makes your business run at a much lower cost as well as helps manage it efficiently.

Things I considered when choosing My Fleet management software

When choosing a smart solution for My Fleet, I took into account features such as its ability to tracking vehicles, smart onboard connectivity, monitoring driver behavior, monitoring passenger behavior when your vehicle is used for commuting, emergency response, and taking care of security.

The fleet management system helps track your vehicles, that is, it enables the vehicle owner to know the location of the vehicle, where they’re moving and at what speed.

Also, for passenger vehicle’s, it should enable driver or passengers to respond in an emergency time, to avoid fatalities.

In Fleet management, security includes vehicle security during transit and at idle state. The security feature would help the owners trace the stolen vehicles and assist in recovering the theft.

My Fleet to Smart Fleet Conversion ?

Cyrrup’s Smart Fleet is a smart solution for fleet owners with any kind of vehicles fleet. The fleet owner can locate the vehicles and track any vehicle on a real-time via a mobile app.

Pic Credits: www.thesmart.ca

The fleet owners can get daily, weekly and monthly reports on driver behavior and the performance of the vehicle, including fuel level indications and vehicle servicing notifications. The data collected and stored can be used to prove the innocence in the event of accidents, insurance claims and false accusations against the owners.

As for the driver behavior, it shows how the driver drove the vehicle, what they did at sharp turns on the road by furnishing speed graphs and video camera footage.

It also enables the owner to control the vehicle’s Ignition if he/she is skeptical about the drivers’ behavior. This can be done from the mobile app or by sending an SMS trigger for Ignition Interlocking

Further, the smart fleet brings to the owner’s notice the need of servicing the vehicle. This is a positive benefit because a vehicle serviced on time as per the owner manual avoids unexpected breakdowns as well as helps save by reducing repair costs.

The overall monitoring and recordings of the vehicle’s in the fleet are stored in the cloud, can be accessed via the dashboard or from the mobile app. It eases the owners’ burden of monitoring their fleet, their drivers and the passengers boarding their vehicles. This all, fleet owners can do right from their office, or from anywhere else and at any time.

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