NH Safe

NH Safe is your safety solution for tracking, video recording along with Live Streaming (optional) using front-facing camera, or, driver facing the camera. This solution helps you as proof in accidents or incidents for insurance claims, false accuses or illegal blames.

  • Front Camera Video Recording
  • In-Cabin Voice Recording
  • Video Streaming
  • Remote Voice Monitoring (Listen-In)
  • High-Quality 720P Recording
  • Wide FOV of 120-degree
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Front Collision Warning System (FCWS)

NH Safe helps owners to remotely monitor and control their fleet. With its front camera, owners can live stream what is happening and which direction the truck is going.

It also records the happenings and stores them in the cloud. These recorded footages can be used for cross checking or as proofs for illegal blames, false accuses and insurance claims.

Night Vision Camera helps record the videos event in a pitch dark night situations. It also captures the audio recordings for streaming or on-demand purposes to listen to what’s wrong. It has a view of the human eye, whereby covering the maximum view of field required. This helps to record side angle views as well.

NH safe comes with the front collision warning system. This helps in preventing accidents by calculating the distances of vehicles in the front and side. It also detects speed and identifies
vehicles on the go and vehicles at rest. It also tracks the live location of the vehicle. Using the web dashboard and Android app, owners can track their fleet with video footages.

Quick Question!

Do you think your driver may be Rash Driving?

Do you think, your driver is stopping the vehicle, without informing you?

In a Week, How much fuel is being stolen?

Core Features of NH Safe

Web Dashboard

Track your Vehicle/Fleet using the Web Dashboard.

Android App Tracking

Track on the go using the Android App

Video Streaming

see live video footages using the front camera/inside camera

Wide FOV of 120-degree

Gives vision area equivalent to the human eye, thereby giving more field of view to prevent accidents within the range.

Night Vision Camera

Helps in recording event during the night while normal cameras can’t

SOS Alarm

Driver or passengers can make use of SOS Alarm to send SMS to preset numbers for tracking the location and other details.

Remote Voice Monitoring

On-demand voice monitoring solution

In-Cabin Voice Recording

Records all voice conversations and can be used as proof to investigate misbehaviors or mishappenings.

Front Collision Warning System (FCWS)

Helps in detecting objects in front of the vehicles. This helps to prevent and predict the collisions.


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