How Panic Button in Cars provides safety and security

Panic buttons are a class of devices used to alert people in a potential emergency that is dangerous to the life or property. A panic button is placed at a suitably accessible place.

The panic button is connected to the main monitoring device through an alarm or siren or bell to bring the attention of others about the situation, sometimes sending the user’s whereabouts to family or friends.

Panic buttons are used in wide range of application including protecting the user from personal harm (hurting one bodily or mentally/emotionally). Usually, panic buttons are found in use at business premises, educational institutions, patient premises, hospitals, homes, and cabs.

Benefits of having Panic Buttons in Vehicles

The panic button in a car is one that does a similar function. The panic button in your car can be located on the dashboard close to the driver. Or, areas close to the doors, or near the seats or any other convenient location. This is to make it easy for people in the car to access and use it in an emergency.

If you have a panic button in your car, it helps you protect your family and friends in your car against untoward incidents. The use of the panic button in a car is absolutely easy – you need just to trigger it when you sense an emergency. No sooner did you trigger it, an alert would go to all (who may help you) including the police to take immediate steps – calling an ambulance service calling the family and friends for help.

Downside of Panic Button that comes equipped with the car

Today, the panic button is provided with every car. The alarm button is embedded in the dashboard. The dashboard is close the driver, and obviously, the driver will have the privilege to use it in the event of a potential road accident. Thus, the panic buttons in the market today do not make it easy to access it equally for all the passengers.

Further, the possibility of triggering the button solely lies with the driver. And, in some cases, the driver might not be able to perceive the need of the people boarding the vehicle. For example, if elderly people, women or kids are there in your car while traveling, each of them has a distinct set of needs as for their health or a general feeling of the respect to the journey. The conventional button, thus, fails to the address the need car owners/passengers.

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So, how to address this issue?

To make the trigger reachable for all, the car should be equipped such that the panic button can be triggered by anyone in the car regardless of where they are.

The way out is that the panic buttons could be fixed at multiple locations across the body in the car. Located near the door, near the seat, or the ceiling of the car, it makes easy for anyone to trigger it.

It is also important that each point should be connected to the engine system so that it can stop the car as and when needed in an emergency. Regardless of whether the car is a private one, or public vehicle (one of a fleet of cars), not having the panic button at multiple locations will deny the people in the rear area of the car, hence their safety.

As for car in public transport vehicles (cab, taxies, etc.), they should be equipped with panic buttons with triggers fixed at multiple points in the vehicle.

Presenting you the right device – Vehicle Black Box

Cyrrup presents a simple, convenient and user-friendly Vehicle Tracking System with smart solutions to your safety and security concerns. Equipped in your car, the system provides with multiple trigger points.

Thus, when you trigger the system, it’ll alert the Cyrrup’s call center who could help you reach the hospital on time in the event of a fatality, call the police so they could take the necessary legal procedure, if need be.

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Why should you go for Cyrrup’s Vehicle Tracking System?

Cyrrup’s Vehicle Black Box is one that enables you to customize your options – you can choose the response sent by the trigger. For example, if elderly family members often board your car, you can make it send the alert to any of the family members in the event of a health issue so that they can make the appropriate measure – sending for a doctor or rushing the affected to a hospital.

Or, you can opt for sending the alert to medical help and the police via Cyrrup’s call center, who sends the alert to the police and designated hospitals. Thus, Cyrrup’s call center authenticates and redirects to either a designated hospital or the police as they may deem appropriate. Cyrrup’s 24×7 call center plays a critical role in coordinating between the end user and authorities such as the hospital, the police and the family and friends of the affected people.

Further, for cars used in public transport, they can go for the option of sending the alert to hospitals or police. Of course, this tracking system is compatible with fleet management.

Final Word

Cyrrup’s Vehicle Tracking System helps you ensure your family and your car are safe, when on the move as part of commute or an itinerary. The best feature is that the call center services are available around the clock throughout the year for your safety and security.

The Vehicle Black Box would be of a great help for commuters using public transport vehicles (cabs, taxis, etc.). Commuters can alert appropriate authorities in the event of a suspected wrongful behavior on the part of the driver, or an accident causing fatalities. So passengers can rest assured for a safe and secure commute.

Panic buttons can be used to ensure the women safety during travel. If the driver is misbehaving or taking wrong directions, women can use this panic buttons to inform their location and to live track their vehicle instantly. When the panic button is pressed, it sends the location of the vehicle to Cyrrup’s call center and sends the live location of the vehicle. Cyrrup’s call center, in turn, informs the family/friends or police station about the frightening situation, whereby rescuing the passengers from any danger they may face. It can also be used by anyone when faced with adverse situations. Whereby providing safety to all passengers on travel.

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