5 Ways to Prevent Fuel Theft from Vehicles in a Fleet

These days the cases of fuel theft have increased drastically, and it happened when the oil price skyrocketed suddenly. Fuel is one of the most significant targets for thieves these days because it is easy to use and sell.

Fleet owners should be careful about fuel theft as it can cause them a huge loss. They need to do something in order to stop this increasing fuel loss.

If fleet managers would be successful in decreasing the thefts, then it would also help them in improving their business. So, precautions should be taken to minimize or Prevent Fuel Theft to function more efficiently & profitably.

5 Ways to Prevent Fuel Theft

Prevention is better than cure, and it is entirely accurate. If your vehicle’s fuel economy is detonating at a rapid pace, then you need to investigate the matter. There are various steps which you should follow to minimize or Prevent Fuel Theft

Educate your drivers

Fleet managers should educate the drivers and discuss with them about the threat of the fuel theft and how it impacts their fleet profitability. Drivers should be aware of any systematic approach that their fleet management has devised to tackle the threat like fuel theft to minimize the fuel loses.

Policies should cover what exactly they expect from drivers in regards to fueling & purchasing fuel. Basic practices like locking fuel caps thoroughly and parking in safe zones help a lot in minimizing the threat. For more profitability educate your drivers with Fuel Saving Tips too

Estimate the usage of Fuel by setting up benchmarks

Fleet owners should always keep in mind that if a vehicle is driving a particular distance then how much fuel should be consumed by vehicle for the distance traveled. In this way, they should set up fuel benchmarks to analyze the situation of fuel consumption of their fleet.

If the consumption is high compared to the benchmarks, then they can have an investigation against that to identify the real reason. This practice helps in identifying threat like Fuel Theft efficiently.

Fit Vehicles with Anti-Siphoning or Fuel Monitoring Devices

Anti-Siphoning devices help in preventing unauthorized access to the fuel tank protecting against fuel theft. If you’re looking for the best solution to Prevent Fuel Theft, then Anti Fuel Theft Devices along with a Fuel Monitoring System is what you need.

Using the monitoring software, you can keep track of your fleets current fuel level and the amount of fuel entering into the tank. These insights help in estimating the fuel consumption benchmarks for better fuel efficiency.

In case of any unauthorized attempt to steal, these smart Fuel Caps alerts the owners in real-time about the situation helping them to take action against the theft. Anti-Siphoning devices like Diesel Eye provide monitoring in real-time using the web dashboard or mobile app.

Fleet owners can get access to additional information like event timestamps, and Fuel Profile using the device.

Defensive Parking

Parking of vehicles should be in a way that it blocks access to the fuel tanks. This Defensive Parking technique gives you one more layer of protection which would deter fuel thieves from stealing.

The downside of this practice is that it isn’t possible all the time. However, drivers should always try their best to follow this defensive parking technique, to save your fleet from fuel thieves.

Security Cameras in the vehicle

Most fleet owners equip their vehicles with GPS Tracking and Vehicle Security devices. These devices help achieve better efficiency & profitably for fleet business with the protection and insights gathered while their vehicles are in commute.

Consider opting for a security device that has built-in video recording. Not only this helps in tackling car insurance problems during accidents, but you can also get video recordings of events like fuel theft.

NH Safe is a DVR Recording capable GPS tracking device for fleets; It can help fleet owners monitor their vehicles in real-time using live video streaming. Features like Remote Voice Monitoring & In-Cabin voice recording will act as an extra layer of proof of the happenings around the vehicle during the event.

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