Vanilla GPS

Vanilla GPS is a Vehicle Tracking Device that incorporates some outstanding features:

Vehicle BlackBox

Vehicle BlackBox is a Driving Behavior Monitoring Device, designed to keep a check on rash driving, thus ensuring safety on the road.

Diesel Eye

Diesel Eye is a Diesel Theft Detection Device and helps vehicle owners control diesel theft.

Smart Fleet Management

With the help of Smart Fleet Management, Fleet Owners can maintain Vehicle, Trip and Driver data. Our customized Fleet Management solution offers API Integration with existing fleet management services.


RoRo GPS: Roll On Roll Off GPS is your stick-on magnetic GPS devices which are easily removable. They can be used in industrial or controlled areas like ports where you don’t own the fleet and still wish to track the details within the borders.

Camera Fleet Solutions

Check out our Camera Fleet Solutions Line up:


It is a Environmentally Sustainable Last Mile and Intermodal connectivity passenger-centric service that offers safety, security, and convenience to the passengers.