Vanilla GPS

A Simple Vehicle Tracking Device that comes integrated with a ton of awesome features. It sits on the Dashboard and let you monitor everything with ease.

Vehicle Black Box

Our Premium Vehicle Tracking & Management Device offering a complete set of vehicle tracking features which helps increase profitability for fleet buisinesses.

Diesel Eye

Best Anti Fuel Theft Protector device for your fleet. You can now track fuel levels, Events of fuel fillings, prevent fuel thefts along with monitoring the fuel consumption right from the dashboard or through the mobile app.

Smart Fleet Management

Fleet Owners can know where their vehicles are located, where they are going, how are the drivers driving them, status of vehicle health.

Chaukanna Singh

Our Premium Safety Lineup product with inbuilt drowsiness detection helps preventing the driver from falling asleep using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

NH Safe

This tracking solution helps you acculmate proof during accidents or incidents for insurance claims, false accuses or illegal blames.

Safe OK Please

Telematics Device with safety & recording features that helps during Insurance Claims and comes with In-Built Camera to record Driver Activities


Roll On Roll Off GPS aka RoRo GPS can be helpful as a visitors pass to outsiders vehicles in your controlled environment to track their details.


Best Dynamic Vehicle Tracking System for live tracking daily transportation services like cabs or buses with timely alerts or notifications about the vehicle location (Currently, Under R&D)


It is a Environmentally Sustainable Last Mile and Intermodal connectivity passenger-centric service that offers safety, security, and convenience to the passengers.