Vehicle Black Box

An ultimate car management device that sits on the dashboard, for monitoring the performance of vehicle

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An app which does the work of dynamic vehicle tracking and notify people waiting for daily transport like cabs or buses.

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Smart Fleet Management

Owners can know where their vehicles are located, where they are going, how are the drivers driving them, status of vehicle health.

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Cyrrup products are mainly based on the vehicle safety and security. The IoT-based products have been developed to help the vehicle owners to keep a track on their vehicle as well as analyze the driver behavior. The products are named according to their specialties such as Vehicle Black Box, Tracked and Smart Fleet Management.
Smart Fleet Management helps the Owners of a fleet to have an eye on the devices, track their device and even protect their devices from theft.

Tracked has its own special feature which helps the people to know the route of the bus and even get alerts and notification according to the respective stops. It does the work of dynamic vehicle tracking and notifies people waiting for daily transport like cabs or buses.

Vehicle Black Box is the most advanced device based on IoT which is made up of many features like Breath analyzer which detects the alcohol level of the driver and prohibits the driver to drive the vehicle if the consumed alcohol is higher than the default value. It also consists of Two cameras which give Live Video footage of inside and outside of the vehicle. It comes with Live GPS tracking , in build GSM module which supports the features like Push To Call and Panic button to keep our nearby informed in case of emergency.

It is also equipped with vehicle immobilizer which is a part of the vehicle theft management system. It also detects the Signal and sign boards and notifies when any rule (signal or signboard) is broken and it also has Vehicle Health Monitor in it, which notifies the owner when it senses any problem with the Vehicle. It keeps a check on the Health of the Vehicle and ensures that it gets resolved by notifying the user about the problem until fixed.

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