What is RFID Tracking System and why every School Should start using it?

RFID Tracking System is a smart application of RFID technology that can enable parents to rest with peace of mind. RFID stands radio frequency identification, which is a technology involving the radio frequency (RF) bandwidth for identifying an individual, animal or object.

This technology is used in a range of fields including logistics and supply chain analysis, tracking attendees, tracking race time, material management, libraries and so on.

How RFID Tracking System works?

RFID uses radio waves to spot a person or a thing. Use of RFID technology is safe, comfortable and secure and majorly used by School Management Systems.

Each student is given a unique RFID card to carry. Everything is automatic. Thus, when the student passes by the monitoring system, or while getting on or down the bus, the time, location and date are recorded and are sent to a secure database.

Why should schools use this?

In a typical school transport scenario in India, parents do want to track their children – if they got off the transport vehicle or there in it. This is one of the most concerned issues as far parents.

Radio frequency identification devices are getting more common in areas such as libraries, passports and payment cards. RFID Tracking System is likely to address all these issues.

Over the years kidnapping children have occurred notwithstanding the precautionary and tracking measures such as CCTV accompanying the police keeping vigil on citizens, India has become kidnappers’ paradise because of the different issues.

In the capital city, New Delhi, data from the police and Ministry of Women & Child Development shows 20 children go out of sight every day. And of those going missed only 30% come back home.

And, 29,663 minor children reportedly have gone missing. The police failed to trace as many as 19, 832 of them according to IndiaToday

Further, there are multiple cases where children are hit by the very bus they board because of the anomalies that lead to attention deviation. On 22 Sept 2017, an LKG student was crushed to death by the school bus. Probably, proper tracking of the pupil could have otherwise saved life of the child reports Hindustan Times

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RFID role in Schools

Transporting students is a major responsibility for both parents as well as school authorities. It can determine the quality and capability of organizational leadership at the school level.

RFID Tracking System is convenient for all stakeholders – students, parents, school authorities including the heads of the institution, transport personnel (driver, helping staff, etc.), and all those involved in the transport of students to school and back home.
Schools are increasingly leveraging RFID technology for the following:

Automatic attendance

A teacher can’t manually take attendance daily as there are chances of bogus. Many a time child is not present in the classroom but other child marks his attendance. These kinds of mischievous activities will be abolished with the help of RFID Tracking System. So, with RFID tag embedded in every child’s ID card, their attendance will be marked automatically.

Parents get auto alerts about children

Children’s activities are monitored and parents get to know with cent percent definiteness. As soon as the student enters the school, an alert reaches parents and such message is also sent to schools when students reach home as well. RFID Tracking System ensures the child is tracked until he reaches home safely.

In School Facilities such as canteen & library

RFID Tracking System can track the books in the library. It, thus, makes easy for library personnel to manage information on borrowing books from the library.

Thus, it will make easy for keeping the books in a simple and orderly fashion so they can be traced quickly when needed.

RFID tags can further be used in eliminating the need of carrying money for paying at canteens. Parents can use this to pay for canteen expenses by children.

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How can we help?

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