RoRo GPS: Roll On Roll Off GPS is your stick-on magnetic GPS devices which are easily removable. They can be used in industrial or controlled areas like ports where you don’t own the fleet and still wish to track the details within the borders.

  • Removable Device
  • Runs on Independent Battery
  • Trip History Playback
  • Geofence Alarm
  • Point of Interest Markings (Under R&D)
  • And all features of Vanilla GPS

RoRo GPS can be helpful in tracking Outsiders’ Vehicles in your premises.

It helps monitor activities of all the vehicles entering your controlled area, or for specific trips.

Geofence Alarm helps in alerting the Premises Owner if the vehicle enters any unauthorised region.

Apart from providing all the features of Vanilla GPS, RoRo GPS provides Owners with Vehicle Trip Reports, which gives a detailed picture of areas that the vehicle travelled while RoRo GPS was attached to it.


In a week, roughly how much fuel do you think is stolen by the driver, per vehicle?

Core Features of RoRo GPS

GPS Tracking

Always track your Vehicle/Fleet using the in- built GPS of the device, right from the Web Dashboard or through the Mobile App. Check out our GPS Tracking Solution – Vanilla GPS for more info.

Removable Device

Useful for tracking vehicles in a specific region like industrial or controlled areas where Vehicle Activity needs to be monitored. Easily attachable as well as removable.

Runs on Independent Battery

Not connected to Vehicle Ignition, unlike our other products

Trip History Playback

Plays the route travelled by the vehicle, during the time the device was attached to it.

Geofence Alarm

Helps in alerting the Premises Owner if the vehicle enters any unauthorised region.

Point of Interest Markings (Under R&D)

Create predefined points of interest on the map for precise tracking in the vicinity.