Safe OK Please

Safe Ok Please is your safety solution for tracking, video recording along with live streaming (optional) using 2 cameras, covering both the front vehicle view and the inside view.

  • Front Camera Video Recording
  • In-Cabin Voice Recording
  • Video Streaming
  • Remote Voice Monitoring (Listen-In)
  • Wide FOV of 120-degree
  • Driver Camera Video Recording
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Front Collision Warning System (FCWS)

Front facing camera captures happenings in the front of the vehicle while the inside vehicle camera facing driver will capture happenings with driver/inside the vehicle.

This solution helps you as proof during accidents or incidents for insurance claims, false accuses or illegal blames.

Safe OK Please is almost similar to our Premium Safety lineup product, NH Safe. The only difference is that Safe OK Please comes with in-built Driver Camera Video Recording along with all other features.

Driver Camera Video recording helps capture driver behavior while the vehicle is in commute. It’s one of the most useful features for fleets and cab services who intend to monitor happenings inside the vehicle

Night Vision Camera will help record footages even in pitch dark situations and the quality of footages range from HD to 4K.

The device can be monitored using the web dashboard or through the Android app. Check out some core features of the device below

Quick Question!

Do you think your driver may be Rash Driving?

Do you think, your driver is stopping the vehicle, without informing you?

In a Week, How much fuel is being stolen?

Core Features of Safe OK Please

Web Dashboard

Track your Vehicle/Fleet using the Web Dashboard.

Android App Tracking

Track on the go using the Android App

Video Streaming

see live video footages using the front camera/inside camera

Front Camera Video Recording

Records everything happening in front of the vehicle

Driver Camera Video Recording

Record driver behavior and inside of the vehicle during the trip.

High Quality Recording

All the footages recorded through the device will be of High Quality ranging from HD to 4K resolutions.

Wide FOV of 120-degree

Gives vision area equivalent to the human eye, thereby giving more field of view to prevent accidents within the range.

Night Vision Camera

Helps in recording event during the night while normal cameras can’t

SOS Alarm

Driver or passengers can make use of SOS Alarm to send SMS to preset numbers for tracking the location and other details.

Remote Voice Monitoring

On-demand voice monitoring solution

In-Cabin Voice Recording

Records all voice conversations and can be used as proof to investigate misbehaviors or mishappenings.

Front Collision Warning System (FCWS)

Helps in detecting objects in front of the vehicles. This helps to prevent and predict the collisions.


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