Smart Fleet Management

With the help of Smart Fleet Management, Fleet Owners can keep track of their vehicles in real-time. Our customized Fleet Management solution offers sophisticated features like Driver Behavior Monitoring, and API Integration with existing fleet management services.

  • Smart Fuel Cap  Integration + Fleet Tracking
  • Night Vision + Wide FOV Camera
  • Voice Recording + Monitoring

Owners can get instant info regarding Vehicle Speed, Real-Time Location info and much more right from the dashboard or from the Mobile App.

Vehicle Theft Prevention is one of the Unique Selling Features that comes equipped with our Fleet Management Solutions.

Fleet Managers can get instant alerts during events through Email/SMS or on the App/Dashboard.

Overspeeding, Sharp Turns and Harsh Braking alerts can help you take immediate action during the commute to protect valuable assets that are being carried on the vehicles.

With Camera Recording both on Primary & Secondary, we’ve made Telematics Car Insurance much easier.

It benefits both Insurance Companies as well as the Fleet Companies in claiming insurance after damage or from preventing false claims.

Every customized fleet solution offered by us are built keeping vehicle safety in mind. Our Black Box technology has been integrated in all our solutions which helps in preventing accidents while the vehicles are on the move.

Quick Question!

Do you think your driver may be Rash Driving?

Do you think, your driver is stopping the vehicle, without informing you?

In a Week, How much fuel is being stolen?

Check out our Anti Fuel Theft Device for Fleet Vehicles

Our Customized Fleet Management Solutions

NH Safe
  • Front Camera Video Recording
  • In-Cabin Voice Recording
  • Video Streaming
  • Wide FOV Camera
  • Night Vision Camera
  • and More
Chaukanna Singh
  • Drowsiness Detection and Alarm
  • Front Camera Video Recording
  • Video Streaming
  • High Alcohol Alert (Under R&D)
  • and More
Safe OK Please
  • Front Camera Video Recording
  • Driver Camera Video Recording
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Wide FOV Camera
  • Front Collision Warning System – (Under R&D) and More

Features of Smart Fleet Management

Dashboard & Mobile App

Monitor all the info right from the dashboard or through the Mobile App integrated with your fleet vehicles

Realtime GPS Tracking

Fleet owners can track their vehicles in real-time while they’re on the commute as well as locate them when they’re idle.

Footage Recording

Fleet Companies can choose to opt for front camera video recording as well as driver camera video recording for their vehicles.

Night Vision Camera

Record footages clearly even during night times with night vision camera recording feature

Drowsiness Detection Alarm

Prevent driver drowsiness and alert the fleet owners about the incident to take immediate actions in realtime

Fuel Theft Solution Integration

Integrate our Smart Fleet solution with our sophisticated Anti Fuel Theft Protection Solution

Wide FOV Camera

Records everything in a wide angle aspect of 120 degrees for much clearer info. This helps in insurance claims during accidents in a better way

Voice Recording & Monitoring

Get in-cabin voice recording and monitoring in realtime from the dashboard.

Emergency call & Alerts

Initiate emergency calling right using Smart Fleet Management device. Events & Alerts are sent to the server instantly and the data is backed up for much longer periods