Smart Fleet Management

With the help of Smart Fleet Management owners can know where their vehicles are located, where they are going, how are the drivers driving them, the status of vehicle health. It helps for tracking of delivery bikes to trucks. It also helps owners to know what path/ route the drivers are taking and at what speed they are driving the vehicle.

It also notifies the owner in case of fuel theft and it gives a complete power to the owner to keep an eye on the vehicle health and also the driver’s behavior. Using the Smart Fleet Management dashboard the fleet owner can locate and track any vehicle at any time using the mobile and web app. Daily, weekly and monthly data analytic report will be sent to the owner which shows the performance of the driver and vehicle.

These data analytic reports and video footage’s come handy in case of accidents, insurance claims, false accusers etc. The owners/ managers can also trace the driver behavior, the ways he drives the vehicle, the speed graph and the sharp turns taken by the driver and also the inner and outer camera video footage of the vehicles.

The ignition of the vehicle can also be controlled with the help of the dedicated app or by a single SMS. Smart Fleet Management is developed by Cyrrup mainly focusing on helping the owners as well as the drivers of the fleet management so as to protect their vehicle from accidents as well as keep an eye on the driver behavior.

The Smart fleet management notifies the owner if the vehicle requires a servicing. In time servicing of the vehicle saves a lot of money and also prevents the future problems caused due to the vehicle breakdown.

Why SmartFleet?

Digital Fleet management helps to improve efficiency by keeping a track of every single vehicle, every single ride taken and all the records and reports are updated to the cloud using the dashboard of the web or mobile app.

SmartFleet management is a busy and dynamic business. Keeping track of drivers, their driving behavior and locating the vehicle, speed, roads is never easy for management. We are bringing a digital solution to this traditional problem. Owners can see where they are, how they are, from their office sitting at their desk. This encourages to deliver on time, safe driving and also help to enquire in the case of an accident or breakdown to understand what went wrong, where and why. So owners can be anywhere in the world and can keep a track of all the vehicle anywhere, anytime.

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