Tech and Safety Measures to Manage Fleet Businesses Smartly

“The business that does not use advanced technology or hasn’t registered them online won’t be considered as a business in the upcoming years.” Well, these lines are very true.

If you haven’t upgraded your business online or haven’t embedded any advancement of technology, they won’t proliferate. The trend of today is technology and growing online. Then why should you be behind?

One of the most rapidly growing businesses all over the world is the fleet businesses that include cabs, deliveries, logistic vehicles and what not. If you own a fleet business, this post will surely aid you in various ways. This post will walk you through a wide variety of tech and safety measures necessary for a fleet business to manage it smartly.

With advancements in technology, the truck fleets can be managed with ease. You might have noticed a wide range of improvements in managing fleet businesses. Though there are a lot of services and devices that can help you multiply, but are they beneficial? Are all of the measures that you have heard of, or, read meets the desires of customers? Well, probably not.

We have got the five handpicked and most helpful ways to manage a fleet business smartly with ease.

Real-time tracking setup for trucks to monitor them

For the fleet owners, it is one of the basic needs to have the info of their vehicles. The current location can help estimate the time taken for moving goods from one place to another carried by their fleet. This can help in managing the time and routes to pick up and deliver goods on time.

The vehicles assigned for the fleet can be tracked using the Simple GPS Tracking Devices. They send regular data to the dashboard. Thus, the vehicles can be traced in real-time.

Fuel Theft Prevention Devices

One of the most concerned parts of running a fleet business is the “Fuel Theft“. No matter for what purpose you have fleet trucks for, Fuel is a deciding factor for profit making! Most cases it’s the drivers that take out the fuel and sell it for lower prices as compared to the market.

Have you ever experienced this, directly or indirectly? Though if you haven’t experienced it yet, you must take a measure before something worse happens.

To prevent the theft of fuel, install fuel theft prevention devices into your vehicles. These devices can provide you with real-time tracking of fuel levels. The time at which the fuel cap got opened until it got closed, every bit of info will be sent to the dashboard.

Thus, in case there is a sudden drop in fuel volume, the driver and the fleet owner will be alerted via an instant notification. This will help the fleet owners to take necessary action during the incident.

Footage Recording & Telematics Insurance

Few vehicle tracking devices are designed to support footage recording of the happenings while the vehicle is on the commute.
This helps insurance claims much more comfortable while the situation arises.

Few insurance brands provide customized and more beneficial telematics car insurance plans for cars & trucks, who equip their vehicles with such devices.

Collision Detection and Warning System

The fleet owners fear the risk of accidents that not only damage the goods, but their vehicles get distorted too. To prevent this, A Collision Warning System should be in the vehicles. They aid to detect the objects in front of the truck. Thus, it can predict and help in preventing the collisions.

Thus, reducing the number of accidents. As a result, neither the goods will be damaged frequently, nor you will face the unexpected loss.

Drowsiness Detection and Alert

Another risk faced by the fleet owners is that the drivers tend to drive when they’re tired. This ultimately results in accidents and loss of lives, money and what not. Don’t you think this should be prevented? This can be prevented by installing the Drowsiness Detection and Alerting devices.

These devices aid to predict if the driver feels drowsy or is about to fall asleep using the inbuilt camera. As soon as the device detects that the driver is drowsy or is about to fall asleep, a loud alarm or hooter will be activated. Thus, the driver will be alerted immediately. This will prevent any collision or accident that might have happened.

Over to You

With the tremendous growth in fleet businesses, there is a need to take proper tech and safety measures to make our fleet trucks more user-friendly. The measures described in this post are going to help you more than you could imagine for your business.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the technical aspects and the safety measures necessary for a fleet truck business. We would love to read your feedback in the comment section below.

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