TrakCop is an app for live tracking of your transportation. It notifies people waiting for daily transportation services like cabs or buses with timely alerts or notifications about the vehicle location, time to reach and live movement tracking on maps.

Dropping kids at bus stops is a tedious job for modern parents. It’s a great responsibility at the same time, it’s also a busy time for working parents. Usually, parents wait for 10-15 minutes at bus stops to pick up or drop their kids, instead, they can use the app to find out the exact time to reach and the current location of the school bus on their mobile phone and plan accordingly which will save their time.

It can also be used by students or employees waiting for their daily transportation. Instead of calling our friends/drivers, we can track the vehicle using smartphones.

No more calls to drivers/ friends. Go, independently on time. No more waiting. TrakCop can be used in public transport systems such as buses, cabs etc to know about their location, route and also get notified according to the stops reached. This is a hazel free product developed by Cyrrup to make the transportation system easy to use. With the help of TrakCop, the individual would be able to trace the route of the transport system and  gets notified when the vehicle reaches the nearby stops.

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