Vehicle Black Box

Vehicle Black Box is an ultimate Vehicle Tracking System that sits on the dashboard for monitoring the performance of the vehicle and the driver behavior while keeping the safety & security of the vehicle and its occupants.

  • Track on Demand
  • High Alcohol Alert (Complimentary)
  • Over Speed Alarm 
  • Footage Recording
  • Engine Immobilization via SMS/APP
  • IP67 Enclosure
Vehicle Tracking System

We are focused on solving the issues with rash driving, assistance during accidents, safety and security to your vehicle as well as people in it.

Vehicle Black Box is specially made keeping safety and security in mind and have been added with some unique and special features such as Breath Analyser whose main purpose is to detect the alcohol level of the driver.

If the driver has consumed alcohol beyond a permissible limit the vehicle ignition gets disconnected thereby not allowing the driver to drive.

It also has some special features which detect the speed and acceleration of the vehicle and gives the detailed report of the sharp turns taken as well as the over speeding etc.

The signals and signboards are also detected and if they are broken a notification is given to the vehicle owner by this Vehicle Tracking System. It is also equipped with a Theft Monitoring system which prevents the vehicle from getting theft. The ignition of the vehicle can be controlled by sending SMS.

The cameras in the device help in knowing the driver behavior, it gives the live video footage of the inside and outside the vehicle. It also contains panic and push to call button which is helpful in the time of emergency.

Quick Question!

Do you think your driver may be Rash Driving?

Do you think, your driver is stopping the vehicle, without informing you?

In a Week, How much fuel is being stolen?

Vehicle Tracking System - Core Features

GPS Vehicle

Always track your Vehicle/Fleet using the GPS built on to the device right from the Dashboard or through the mobile app. Check out our basic GPS Tracking Solution – Vanilla GPS for more info


Vehicle Black Box can record footage while the vehicle is in commute and those footages are stored on our cloud server and can be accessible via Dashboard at anytime


Panic button integrated into the vehicle can help during scary situation, car breakdowns or in any emergencies. Just push of a button on Vehicle Black Box alerts concern people & our 24×7 Team to do the needful.

Live Speed

This helps by giving an idea of the exact speed at which the vehicle is driven. So you can alert the driver if he/she is overspeeding


Vehicle Black Box comes with the ability to support eSIM out of the box. eSIM helps the Vehicle Tracking System to stay connected 24×7 during commute

Push to call HandsFree
calling (upcoming feature)

Using the eSIM integrated with the Vehicle Tracking System, We’re bringing one of most requested feature to the Vehicle Black Box. With this Push to Call you’ll be able to make handsfree calling to anyone just like using Bluetooth calling but without an actual mobile device.

When the panic button is pressed it sends a message to the emergency contacts numbers sharing the vehicle location and when the push to call button is pressed then it connects the device to Cyrrup’s 24/7 support center and the representative help in connecting to the nearby police station, hospital or reacts according to the emergency situation.

These features in Vehicle Black Box are specially introduced to help the driver and the vehicle owner to prevent the accident that is caused due to drunk driving and also in the case of an emergency like vehicle breakdown etc.

Vehicle Black Box can be used in the business arena in order to better manage the logistics of outside personnel, buses, cabs, deliveries, fleet operations, valuable packages or equipment in transit, helping to increase their business efficiency and thus improve profits.

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Vehicle Black Box

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