Vehicle BlackBox

Vehicle BlackBox is a Driving Behavior Monitoring Device, designed to keep a check on rash driving, thus ensuring safety on the road.

  • Track on Demand
  • Rash Driving Alerts
  • Panic Button
  • And all features of Vanilla GPS
  • Engine Immobilization via SMS/APP (Upcoming Feature)
  • E-SIM (Upcoming Feature)
Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle BlackBox focuses on enhancing Safety Standards of the driven vehicle, by monitoring vehicle performance and driving behavior.

Apart from providing all the features of Vanilla GPS, it also detects the speed and acceleration of the vehicle to give alerts on Sharp Turns taken, Hard Braking, Sharp Acceleration and Over Speeding incidents.

Tracking and Alerts/Notifications can be dynamically switched ON or OFF, through the App.

It comes with a Panic Button that can be used to send Vehicle Location via SMS to pre-set numbers, in case of vehicle breakdown or any emergency.

Using its Upcoming Feature ‘Engine Immobilization via SMS/APP’, Vehicle Owner can cut-off the Vehicle Engine using the App. This feature can be helpful in case of vehicle theft, or unauthorised use.


In a week, roughly how much fuel do you think is stolen by the driver, per vehicle?

Vehicle Tracking System - Core Features

GPS Tracking

Always track your Vehicle/Fleet using the in- built GPS of the device, right from the Web Dashboard or through the Mobile App. Check out our GPS Tracking Solution – Vanilla GPS for more info.

Track on Demand

Dynamically Switch ON/OFF Tracking & Alerts through the App.

Rash Driving Alerts

Be updated about the driver’s driving behaviour by getting alerts for Over Speeding, Sharp Acceleration, Hard Braking, Sharp Turns, etc.

Panic Button

Similar to an SOS alarm, panic button sends your location to your family/friends in case of vehicle breakdown or any emergency, at just the push of a button.

Engine Immobilization via SMS/APP (Upcoming Feature)

Engine Cut-Off with one-touch on the app. Useful for cases of vehicle theft, or unauthorised use.

E-SIM (Upcoming Feature)

Vehicle BlackBox comes with the ability to support E-SIM (Embedded SIM), which is a mandate for AIS 140 standard.

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Vehicle Black Box

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